Challenging Times

Stories of Buddhist practice when things get tough

Edited by Vishvapani


“optimism, beauty and compassion shine through these stories”  Mandala Magazine


Facing illness or chronic pain, meditating at Auschwitz, coming to terms with Alzheimer’s, forgiving a sister’s murderer: these powerful stories of courage and hard-earned wisdom show the rewards of opening our hearts when things get really tough.

Ordinary people from all walks of life and experienced teachers share what happened when they followed the Buddha’s advice to turn towards their experience instead of running away from it. These intimate accounts of personal transformation show how we can find joy, forgiveness, and compassion in extreme circumstances and in the struggles of daily life.

I’ve made many mistakes – and suffered and learned from them all.
 Joan Halifax Roshi

Other contributors include Christopher Titmuss, Stephen Batchelor, Jarvis Jay Masters.