Dharma Life magazine ran from 1996 to 2005, exploring the meeting of Buddhism and the modern world

I edited the magazine throughout this period, and for the last year I co-edited it with Vajrasara. Many of the articles on this site were written for Dharma Life. The links above are to selected articles from the last eleven issues on the dharmalife.com site. There are features, interviews with leading western Buddhists, news, book reviews and columns

In an editorial in the first issue, I wrote: ‘I am personally more interested in difficult questions than easy answers. And in Dharma Life I hope to publish writers who are able to express their Buddhist values by being prepared to speak up for what they believe to be the truth. I want to find committed writing that is new, true and considered.’

In 2004 Dharma Life was nominated in the category ‘Best Spiritual Coverage’ in the annual Utne Reader Independent Press awards.

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