I’ve been contributing since 2006 to Thought for the Day, BBC Radio 4′s religious comment slot in the popular and influential Today Programme. I’ve done about ten a year.

Since April 2011 talks have appeared on the Today website and stay for a month. The audio content of each text is embedded in the posts I have made for each talk since here along with the text.

BBC had an online archive of the text and audio but only the following audio links are still working

Here’s a comment on Thought for the Day and its parodists written a little while ago.

Here are responses to may talks from psychologist, Dorothy Rowe and Will Buckingham on the ThinkBuddha blog


11/03/2011 The Dalai Lama listen
04/03/2011 Why we need an ethical foreign policy listen
27/11/2010 Animal Cloning: what is identity? listen
20/11/2010 Ireland’s crash and coping with crises listen
13/11/2010 Release of Aung San Suu Kyi listen
17/07/2010 Getting Marriedlisten
03/07/2010 Mindfulness and health listen
28/05/2010 Who is the Buddha? (a Wesak talk)  listen
17/04/2010 Deciding how to vote in the General Election listen