Author: Vishvapani

Engaging Politically as a Buddhist

The UK is experiencing political turmoil in the wake of the EU referendum and, judging by my Facebook feed, many British Buddhists are following events closely. Here are some reflections on how we can do so most effectively. Engaging as Buddhists When Buddhists engage with politics, I suggest that we think first of our Buddhism and only secondly of the issues. Political debate is compelling, but it’s often tribal and reactive, more concerned with winning than with truth and likely to prompt unskillful reactions such as indignation, animosity and obsessiveness. If, as Buddhists, we hold that states of mind are...

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Keeping Perspective in the Brexit Crisis

On Thursday night, many of us in Britain went to bed hoping and expecting that Remain would win the EU referendum. We woke up to learn of the opposite result. Now we’re in the midst of financial and political crisis that is spreading in all directions. I share the disappointment that others are expressing and their concerns for the UK’s future; but I would like to sound a different note and consider what’s happening from the perspective of Buddhist teachings. I start by observing my own responses. I notice how strongly I’m drawn to turning on the news or checking the internet to...

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