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Macbeth’s Karma

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is an overwhelming account of ambition, violence and their fearful consequences. This essay suggests that, on a deep level, Shakespeare’s vision accords with the Buddha’s teaching of karma.

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Six Elements: Modern Poems and Buddhist Reflections

Last week a Buddhist friend organised a celebration of the elements, inviting contributions to his Facebook page. This stimulated me to look out some favourite works, mostly modern and mostly poems. Here is an cento on the Buddhist elements – earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness – with some comments:

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Ghostwritten: a Buddhist Novel?

David Mitchell’s Ghostwritten is a novel for the interconnected, globalised times in which we are buffeted among billions; it offers a neural network of thought, not so much an argument as ideas whirring like minds, and interacting like electrons. Was it the first Dharma novel of the millennium?

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Shakespeare’s Wisdom: The Buddha and Richard II

What is Shakespeare’s Wisdom and how does it match up to the Buddha’s? In this article I explore Shakespeare’s Richard II as a play about belief and identity, which are core concerns of Buddhism, and suggest parallels between Shakespeare’s insights and those of the Buddha

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