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Entering the Buddha’s Realm

The Buddha and his teaching are very down to earth, but his perspective also expresses is very strange and quite beyond anything we already know. This can also become a vivid element of our experience through the experience of liberation, particularly by breaking what Buddhism calls ‘the fetters’

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Responding to Praise and Blame

A vivid account in one of the earliest Buddhist texts describes how the Buddha guided his disciples in responding skilfully to both praise and blame. The story is full of his wisdom about how we can avoid harming ourselves or others through our speech and how we can navigate through life while maintaining mindfulness and equanimity

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Discovering the Buddha

What’s left to say about the Buddha? Everything, I discovered in writing my biography: Gautama Buddha: The Life and Teaching of the Awakened One. And the funny, original, surprising Buddha of history is more relevant than ever

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Review: The Origin of Buddhist Meditation

What, if anything, do we ‘know’ about the Buddha? This recent book employs scholarly detective work to ‘prove’ that certain elements in the ancient Pali scriptures are true. It casts fresh light on the world the Buddha inhabited and the meditation practices he learned as a young man. More intriguing still, this suggests the changes he made when he came to teach meditation himself.

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