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Slavery: Reparations or Moving on?

The pain of slavery is resurfacing as demands for reparations. How can we resolve deep-rooted grievances and move on from the past?

Greek Buddha

What if the Greek philosopher who travelled to India with Alexander the Great had become a monastic practitioner and taught Buddhism to the Greeks, thus offering dramatic new evidence of the true character of Early Buddhism. Do the claims of ‘Greek Buddha’ stack up?

The Dharma of Children’s Wellbeing

When English children are asked how they feel, they’re less happy than children in Ethiopia and Algeria. How can Buddhist ideas of mindfulness and skilful action help young people?

Life After Shopping

As London prepares for 24-hour tube services and the way opens for 7-day shopping, how much commerce do we really need and what’s it doing to us?

The Refugee Crisis

There have never been more refugees. How can we respond to the crisis?

The Sleep Book: Review

It’s true that Buddhism is about waking up, but this book using mindfulness approaches to address sleeping problems is a clear, thoughtful and practical application of sound principles

The Buddha on Wall Street

What does Buddhism have to say about our society and how can it become a force for changing it? Book review of The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It by Vaddhaka Linn

Mindfulness and Mental Health

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on mindfulness. What’s the connection between an ancient Buddhist practice and modern mental health needs?

Responding With Compassion

We often turn away from the suffering around us or in the news. But, following the Nepalese earthquake, what happens when we open up?

Living With Change

Everything changes all the time. Here are some practices that can help us confront that and engage with it creatively

Service is Worth More than Money

Public fury at politicians are on the make shows that we want them to serve, not profit. Thats an inkling of the Buddhist practice of dedicating one’s whole life to serving all beings

Remembering Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg died on Saturday 7 February, 2015. He was the originator of Nonviolent Communication, a creative approach that is used in education, conflict resolution and mediation. In 2002 Vishvapani met him to discuss his work to promote tolerance and understanding worldwide

Restoring Criminal Justice

Our Criminal Justice System is under pressure and failing to stop reoffending. As Vishvapani is learning through working in this field, mindfulness and Buddhist principles offer the basis of an alternative approach

Professionalising Mindfulness

Mindfulness teaching is becoming a profession. As interest grows exponentially, much is being asked of a grass-roots movement. How can mindfulness teaching retain its integrity, avoid the pitfalls of professionalisation?

Launch of Mindful Nation UK : Interim Report of the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG)

The Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) launched its interim report in the UK’s Westminster parliament, proposing how public policy can help make us a more ‘Mindful Nation’.