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Discussing Mindfulness in Parliament

The Wellbeing Economics All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK’s Westminster parliament had a meeting discussing mindfulness on 9th April 2014. Here’s a report

Rude Awakenings: Zen at War

Zen at War revealed to people in the West the extent of Buddhist collusion with the Japanese War Effort in WW2. This article explores the issue that raised with the book’s author, Brian Victoria

Interview with the Middle Way Society

In this interview I discuss the secular mindfulness movement, the relationship between the religious and the secular aspects of Buddhism, enlightenment, Jung and integration, the relationship of the Middle Way with the arts, incrementality and my views on karma and rebirth.

Religious Responses to Wilderness (Beyond Belief on BBC Radio 4)

I am one of three speakers on this BBC radio 4 discussion programme on the...

Free Speech Means Listening, Too

When controversy is met by criticism what happens to free speech? As novelist Hilary Mantel speaks out at her treatment in the media, what do Buddhist teachings have to say about the ethics of communication?

Mindfulness is more Relevant Than Ever

The mindfulness movement show that, in our speedy, stressed out society ancient wisdom traditions are more relevant than ever. Thought for the Day.

Mindfulness in Westminster on PM (BBC Radio 4 News)

Here is a clip of a news programme on PM, the BBC Radio 4 afternoon news...

Mindfulness is Political

Mindfulness practice is sometimes presented as a way of coping better with what society throws at us. But the implicit message is more radical and more political. What does mindfulness tell us about our society and how we might change it?

You Can’t Change the Weather

Britain is being battered and much of Europe is being battered by storms....

The Mental Battle is What Draws Us To Sport

As the Winter Olympics start in Sochi, Russia, what is the fascination of sport? Could it be the mental battle that echoes the challenges of our own lives? Thought for the Day

The Basis of Mindfulness and Meditation Practice

Mindfulness and meditation are powerful practices. Right from the start we sense we’re engaging with something very profound – and also very simple. In this post and the linked talk I suggest how these experiences can become a path to liberation

Integrating Dharma Practice: An Interview With Gil Fronsdal

Following recent discussions of the need to integrate meditation practice, here is an interview with Gil Fronsdal is an innovative teacher in the Insight Meditation Movement. Vishvapani met him in Palo Alto, California, where his students were forming a network of friendship around him that led to the establishment of an urban Dharma Centre

The Problem with 8-Week Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness courses are powerful and transformative. But the fact that they only last for eight weeks is a limitation we need to acknowledge and address

Children in Need & Compassion

It’s Children in Need Day and the 75th anniversary of Krystallnacht, when my father watched the synagogue burning. The significance of how we respond isn’t just the money. It also says something about who we are and our relationships with others

Remembrance Day Meditation

Remembrance Sunday is an invitation to find a space in our harried lives for a silent opening to all that war has meant for the country: a national meditation on what Wilfred Owen called ‘the truth untold / the pity of war, the pity war distilled.’