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Greek Buddha

What if the Greek philosopher who travelled to India with Alexander the Great had become a monastic practitioner and taught Buddhism to the Greeks, thus offering dramatic new evidence of the true character of Early Buddhism. Do the claims of 'Greek Buddha' stack up?

Gautama Buddha

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Remembering Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg died on Saturday 7 February, 2015. He was the originator of Nonviolent Communication, a creative approach that is used in education, conflict resolution and mediation. In 2002 Vishvapani met him to discuss his work to promote tolerance and understanding worldwide

The Buddha’s Leadership Lessons

Everyone in a responsible position is asked to display leadership qualities. What kind of leader was the Buddha, and what lessons can modern leaders draw from his example?

Schooling the Heart

Education means discovering what we love and learning how that love can carry us forward. How can mindfulness help? A talk to Head teachers on the difference mindfulness can make to schools and their leaders


Welcome to Wise Attention: exploring what it means to practice Buddhism, mindfulness and ethics in the modern world. You'll find reviews, talks, Thought for the Day broadcasts, interviews and reflections on the arts and current events as well as background material to my book on the Buddha and discussions of mindfulness and Buddhism in the modern world.


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