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A Mindful Christmas Survival Guide

Sad to say, for many of us, the season of peace and goodwill has become a time of stress and indulgence. Here’s a mindful survival kit

Execution Videos: the Medium and the Message

Following the execution of journalist James Foley by ISIS the video was posted online. Foley is the victim, but not the target. We are. The horror and revulsion most of us naturally feel at these images has been calculated and prompted. How can we engage responsibly with the world of images?

When We Suffer We Need Calm, Perspective and Kind Words

In the wake of Robin Williams’ suicide, we’re talking more about mental illness and distress. Here’s how mindfulness can help in working with difficult mental states.

Playing is a Serious Business

Play is important for children and adults too. What would it be like if everything you did felt like play?

Learning the Harsh Way at the Croydon Buddhist Centre

This is a personal reflection on my involvement with a Buddhist Centre that went wrong in the 1980s: a cautionary tale about the complexities of ‘spiritual communities’ and how good intentions produce harmful results

Sexual Abuse is Society’s Shadow

Stories of sexual abuse are everywhere in British life. We need to do more than condemn this behaviour. We must acknowledge it as the shadow side our society

The Healthcare Crisis is a Spiritual Challenge

More of us are living longer with longterm health conditions. The healthcare crisis is a challenge for our society and discussion needs to move beyond politics. We need a vision of life that looks beyond our personal interests and struggles and values community

Suffering and Compassion

The world is full of suffering. The times are troubled. How can we respond with wisdom and compassion to our struggles, other people’s and the world’s?

All Things Considered: Mindfulness (BBC Radio Wales)

Discussion programme on mindfulness & religion on BBC Radio Wales with Vishvapani, Rebecca Crane, Father Roger Dawson & Baroness Ilora Finlay

Discipleship and its Discontents

In recent years Sangharakshita, the teacher and founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order has restated the importance of discipleship. But what does it means to be a disciple – in general and in relation to Sangharakshita in particular? How can we acknowledge squarely the difficulties this relationship can contain?

Eye on Wales: on Mindfulness

This 30 minute current affairs programme explores mindfulness, featuring Vishvapani and two of his former students

Discussing Mindfulness on Radio Wales

This is an appearance on the Tom Price Show on BBC Radio Wales discussing...

The Buddha’s Significance Today

As Buddhists mark the Buddha’s Enlightenment, Vishvapani asks, what is his significance today?

Entering the Buddha’s Realm

The Buddha and his teaching are very down to earth, but his perspective also expresses is very strange and quite beyond anything we already know. This can also become a vivid element of our experience through the experience of liberation, particularly by breaking what Buddhism calls ‘the fetters’

Discussing Mindfulness in Parliament

The Wellbeing Economics All Party Parliamentary Group in the UK’s Westminster parliament had a meeting discussing mindfulness on 9th April 2014. Here’s a report