Author: Vishvapani

Mindfulness & Sleep Problems

Most approaches to sleep problems involve drugs and various techniques, but sleep is a natural process. The danger in trying really hard to get to sleep, is that you make it less likely to happen. And if you depend on techniques sleep can become less and less natural – something that comes of its own accord without trying. Mindfulness opens up a different approach. Here are some suggestions for how it can help your sleeping.    Acceptance: when getting to sleep feels like a struggle, you need to stop fighting. When we worry about not sleeping and out thoughts go...

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Caring for the World & Caring for Yourself

South Wales is poor and steelworkers job losses will make it poorer still. What does Buddhism, with its stress on self development have to offer? And how does caring for yourself connect with caring for others? It’s been a bad week here South Wales, with news that 750 people are losing their jobs at the Port Talbot steelworks. In the mid-70s over 60,000 people worked in the Welsh iron and steel industries. Now it’s down to a few thousand and, along with the end of coal mining, West Wales and the Valleys has become the poorest region in the...

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