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Faith in the Buddha

Buddhists often talk about Enlightenment, but what does it mean? The Buddha is the object of faith in Buddhism, so in what are we placing our faith? Vishvapani (who has written a book about the Buddha) explores these questions...

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The Meaning of Faith

Faith is ‘the first of the five spiritual faculties’ taught by the Buddha; but in English it has many associations – ‘blind faith’, ‘leaps of faith’, faith as the alternative to ‘reason’ and so on. Vishvapani speaks...

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Schooling the Heart

Education means discovering what we love and learning how that love can carry us forward. How can mindfulness help? A talk to Head teachers on the difference mindfulness can make to schools and their leaders

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Video: Seeking the Buddha in History

The Buddha of history is not the same as the archetypal Buddha, but we can come close to him through the words he left behind and though imagination. This was a keynote talk at the 2011 Triratna Buddhist Order Convention and reveals the Buddha to be a man of humour and intelligence with an uncanny gift for communication as well … and something more as well

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