Tag: Pali Canon

Responding to Praise and Blame

A vivid account in one of the earliest Buddhist texts describes how the Buddha guided his disciples in responding skilfully to both praise and blame. The story is full of his wisdom about how we can avoid harming ourselves or others through our speech and how we can navigate through life while maintaining mindfulness and equanimity

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Memento Mori

It’s easy to think that Insight, Wisdom and Enlightenment are far beyond the level of our experience. But if we reflect on our experience in the light of teachings such as the Worldly Winds we sometimes find that the deeper truths are present right now

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Review: The Origin of Buddhist Meditation

What, if anything, do we ‘know’ about the Buddha? This recent book employs scholarly detective work to ‘prove’ that certain elements in the ancient Pali scriptures are true. It casts fresh light on the world the Buddha inhabited and the meditation practices he learned as a young man. More intriguing still, this suggests the changes he made when he came to teach meditation himself.

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Video: Seeking the Buddha in History

The Buddha of history is not the same as the archetypal Buddha, but we can come close to him through the words he left behind and though imagination. This was a keynote talk at the 2011 Triratna Buddhist Order Convention and reveals the Buddha to be a man of humour and intelligence with an uncanny gift for communication as well … and something more as well

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